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Security is in COPT’s DNA. COPT's strategic focus is on - and over 60% of its annualized revenues are derived from - the government, defense and cyber security IT industries. Read More.

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Backed by a $4 billion REIT, COPT Data Center Solutions offers financial services industry clients superior site selection, design, development and operational solutions that leverage our decades of experience delivering highly secure, mission critical facilities.

We understand the financial industry’s needs for security, reliability, connectivity, and scalability, and we specialize in delivering solutions that offer a compelling overall value that aligns with a given client’s unique needs and requirements.

We deliver our solutions through a highly skilled and credentialed employee team to support the 24/7/365 uptime of your mission critical IT applications.

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Why COPT Data Center Solutions?

COPT Data Center Solutions works with clients to ensure their data center facilities meet the compliance requirements of their organization, industry and customer base. We can design and build to these certifications and others: