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Drawn from our solid experience providing mission critical enterprise-level solutions to some of the most demanding and discerning client organizations in the world, COPT understands the critical need for reliability. Working with many of the country’s largest commercial and governmental organizations, including over two-thirds of the largest defense contractors, we have a proven record of success designing, developing and operating 24/7/365 mission critical data centers.

We generally build to minimum N+1, Tier III+ when measured against the Uptime Institute's reliability criteria. Specifically, COPT focuses on uncovering and understanding client requirements to build the level of reliability essential to meeting each customer's operating and strategic objectives.

By hiring and training only COPT employees, rather than third-party contractors, COPT further ensures that our data center operating teams leverage center design and technology to realize exceptional reliability.

Please contact the data center solutions team at COPT to discuss your organization’s needs for reliability and how COPT’s flexible, proven solution-set, processes and people can help you succeed.

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Why COPT Data Center Solutions?

COPT Data Center Solutions works with clients to ensure their data center facilities meet the compliance requirements of their organization, industry and customer base. We can design and build to these certifications and others: