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COPT DC-6 is a two-story data center design that is more secure, efficient, reliable and scalable than traditional data centers.


White Papers & Articles

  • "Network Latency" by Mark Gilbert Download
  • "Data, Data Everywhere" by Mark Gilbert Download
  • "Solving the Density Dilemma," by Mark Gilbert Download
  • "A Simple Model for Determining True Total Cost of Ownership for Data Centers," by Jonathan Koomey, Ph.D. with Kenneth Brill, Pitt Turner, John Stanley and Bruce Taylor Download from Uptime Institute
  • "Data Center Site Infrastructure Tier Standard: Topology," prepared by Uptime Institute Professional Services, LLC Download from Uptime Institute
  • "Risks of Outsourcing Your Data Center," by Peter Berg (The Data Center Journal, Volume 22)
    View the Digital Magazine
  • "Uptime Institute 2012 Data Center Industry Survey," by Matt Stansberry & Julian Kudritzki)
    View the PDF Online

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Why COPT Data Center Solutions?

COPT Data Center Solutions works with clients to ensure their data center facilities meet the compliance requirements of their organization, industry and customer base. We can design and build to these certifications and others: